London Knee Replacement Surgeon

Lionel Byrne, an 85 year-old grandfather is planning to keep active and independent well into his twilight years thanks to advanced and pioneering new surgery to replace his damaged right knee. The new treatment, Signature knee, uses MRI imaging to create a 3D image of the patient’s knee.

With this information the surgeon can carefully pre-plan the surgery and create a bespoke, patient matched knee replacement to replace their faulty joint. The patient matched instrumentation and ability to pre-plan the operation reduces the length of time spent in theatre to just 40 minutes compared with 60-90 minutes for a traditional procedure.

Lionel, a former advertising executive who had the new treatment back in March 2011, is now fully recovered and singing the praises of the designer knee, consultant and staff at BMI Bishops Wood Hospital who have helped him “keep active”.