High tibial osteotomy patient story

“I was told I’d never run again; they were wrong”

Rick Kelsey is a Times Radio, BBC Business and Spotify presenter who also hosts one of the fastest growing sports YouTube channels, The Running Channel, with well over 500,000 subscribers and bringing how-tos, features, top tips and more about…
genetic predisposition to ACL tears

Are you genetically predisposed to tear your ACL?

When patients tear their ACL, they often ask me the question: “Why them?” I explain there are multiple factors associated with the risk of tearing your ACL, the most common being landing sports and in particular landing or twisting in…
exercise and treatment of knee osteoarthritis

Importance of exercise in treatment of knee osteoarthritis confirmed by new study

Once again, another study has been produced confirming the importance of exercise in the treatment of knee osteoarthritis. Not only does a strength and conditioning programme improve the muscle strength around your knee and will benefit you…
How long will my knee replacement last

Majority of knee replacements last more than 25 years, study finds

Deciding when enough is enough when it comes to the knee pain, stiffness and lack of mobility you’re experiencing can vary from patient to patient. As discussed in our previous post [internal link], timing is everything when it comes to knee…
knee replacement timing

It’s a question of timing: study finds many patients wait too long for knee replacement surgery

At the moment we are all trying to get to grips with Boris’s latest rules on what you can or can’t do, so understanding the long-term, collateral damage of COVID is almost too much to take on board. However, we are already seeing a very…
London Knee Replacement Surgeon

Mr David Houlihan-Burne discusses anterior knee pain

Mr David Houlihan-Burne writes an articles for the BUPA Cromwell Hospital magazine on the enigma of anterior knee pain: "GPs and physiotherapists are often faced with patients of all ages complaining of pain at the front of the knee. This…
London Knee Replacement Surgeon

Mr Houlihan-Burne talks to the Guardian about knee reconstructive surgery

Mr Houlihan-Burne talks to the Guardian Newspaper about new materials and technologies being utilised in knee reconstructive surgery: "Mr David Houlihan-Burne, consultant orthopaedic surgeon at BMI Bishops Wood Hospital, says that, after…
London Knee Replacement Surgeon

Plastic band that can make a wonky knee as good as new

Every year thousands of Britons tear a knee ligament, increasing their risk of developing arthritis. Carlo Barbieri, 51, a civil servant from Bexley Heath in Kent, was given a new artificial knee ligament.
London Knee Replacement Surgeon

Mr David Houlihan-Burne discusses being involved in redesign of Mount Vernon Treatment Centre

Watford Observer quotes Mr Houlihan-Burne in 2009 regarding the design and opening of the Mount Vernon Treatment Centre Consultant orthopaedic surgeon, David Houlihan-Burne, who has overseen the project, pointed to infection control being the…
London Knee Replacement Surgeon

Mr Houlihan-Burne quoted in Orthopaedics Today

Article in Orthopaedics Today quoting Mr Houlihan-Burne as co-chairman at recent European Rapid Recovery meeting: “The whole thing is underpinned by process optimisation. Do not start looking at surgical procedures without these processes…
London Knee Replacement Surgeon

85 year old man keeps active thanks to pioneering new 3D knee surgery at BMI Bishops Wood Hospital

Lionel Byrne, an 85 year-old grandfather is planning to keep active and independent well into his twilight years thanks to advanced and pioneering new surgery to replace his damaged right knee. The new treatment, Signature knee, uses MRI imaging…