We work hard to ensure the very highest standard of patient care and always welcome feedback from our patients. Here are a selection of our most recent testimonials.

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We work hard to ensure the very highest standard of patient care and always welcome feedback from our patients. Here are a selection of our most recent testimonials.

Knee Surgery Testimonials

Knee surgery testimonial

Well it’s 2 years on and I honestly feel like the op gave me a new lease of life. Day to day I forget now it was ever done. I am soo glad I divorced the old knee one and moved on! I get on much better with this one – move in the same direction, no sudden changes, no disputes!

63yo male, lateral partial knee replacement in August 2022

I wanted to give you an update on my knee at Christmas – you did a lateral compartment partial replacement for me at Princess Grace in August.

I have just got back from a 3-week trip to Argentina. The first week was a golf & cricket tour. Four games of golf and 2 cricket matches in 8 days – no painkillers needed, and I could run between the wickets for the first time in years. After a wine-tasting trip to Mendoza (and a bit of white-water rafting) we went to Patagonia for some walking/trekking across glaciers (knee mildly sore after clambering about with crampons), then back to Buenos Aires in time to join in the celebrations for the WC win – walking miles across the city with exuberant locals.

In short, a huge success. Thank you – a new lease of life.

56yo, patella knee replacement

It’s been one year since my knee operation and I’m very grateful that I went under the care of Mr Houlihan-Burne.

My knee feels really good with no pain. I can straighten my leg the same as the other. I’ve been actively running my air conditioning company both on and off the tools. My duties include driving to meet clients and setting up engineers.

I’ve experienced no pain and have freedom of movement with full mobility. I have been walking my dogs carefree. I’m really happy I had the operation with Fortius Clinic and Mr Houlihan-Burne.

71yo, Complex knee replacement having had previous ligament reconstructions on knee

I thought you might like to know how pleased I am with my new knee. I have just returned from a reunion with old friends in the Shropshire hills. I had no trouble walking down very steep slopes and have reached the point over the last couple of months where I feel the knee is just part of me – not an implant. I have as much flexion as I’ve ever had and it’s straighter than it’s been for 30 years since my ligament replacement.

Review left at The Cromwell Hospital

I am now 3 weeks after surgery and I cannot fault the care and attention. David’s skills and expertise have built a reputation that is well justified and with the support and care I have received from both him and his team I feel that this was a decision that will improve things for me for many years to come. Thank you SO VERY MUCH, David.

BUPA Cromwell Patient

Mr Houlihan-Burne has earned my trust over the past 10 years and I would not contemplate having another consultant advise me on my knee problems.

ACL Reconstruction, six months after surgery

Thanks again David, I couldn’t be happier with the results. My knee feels back to normal, and the scarring is only evident upon close inspection. Again, I can’t thank you enough for your care and skill in fixing my knee. I have no hesitation in giving you the highest recommendation.

High Tibial Osteotomy for Arthritis

Thanks for your care and advice. I couldn’t resist sharing the early spring series results from my sailing club. After surgery on 12th Jan, I won my first single-handed race on 4th April and in due course the series, which of course well exceeded my expectations. Not a bad ad for your services!

Anonymous feedback from a patient operated on at the Cromwell Hospital

Mr Houlihan-Burne has an excellent approach that calms any fears and explains all the details you need to understand. Nothing felt rushed and I had complete confidence before going in for surgery. Mr Houlihan-Burne was very professional in a friendly and thoughtful manner.

Anonymous feedback from patient. Surgery in 2020

I felt extremely confident that Mr Houlihan-Burne was the best person for my surgery. He was very thorough with pre-operative diagnosis and explained the procedure in an efficient and professional manner.

From start to finish Mr HB was fantastic. He took me seriously explained everything to me and did not talk down to me.

32yo, ACL Reconstruction

You performed an ACL/meniscus surgery on my knee. I recently completed my first marathon which I hadn’t thought likely when I had the injury so thought I’d thank you once again for the great job on my knee!

Total Knee Replacement on the right knee and Bilateral Knee Replacement on the left knee

Mr Houlihan-Burne has a well deserved excellent reputation – which combined with his patient orientation is both confidence inspiring and highly professional. Post operation (right total knee replacement and left knee half replacement) I am recovering fast – which I am sure is down to excellent surgical technique resulting in minimal soft tissue trauma to
recover from.

Mrs MH, 80yo, Simultaneous Bilateral Knee Replacements

I cannot speak too highly of the very professional yet friendly treatment I received from Mr Houlihan-Burne, when, at the age of 80, I had simultaneous bilateral total knee replacements. He told me my knees were some of the worst he’d ever seen so I felt I was not making a fuss with the amount of pain and very limited mobility I had. Equally the immediate relief post-operatively, with good initial pain control from him and his team, enabled me to get on with the speedy, patient-orientated recovery. That aspect of his work is also something that is much appreciated in preference to a doctor thinking he knows what is best for a patient without discussions ! I was walking, pain-free, with limited use of sticks within 3 weeks and driving again at 4 weeks. A year later I remain pain free.


You performed an arthroscopy on my right knee 2 years ago for meniscectomy (3rd time on this knee, first time by you). I’d also had a previous ACL reconstruction on my L knee.

I’ve had no further problems with the knee and decided to enter the Milton Keynes Marathon. I did it in 4h11m, which is was very pleased with – I am 49 now.

I didn’t get any problems in the knee while training, sometimes the odd twinge so I would ease back on the running and do more cycling or cross training etc.

I do suffer from gout in my big toe and in the end this caused me more problems than the knee!

I trust you are well and just thought you would like to know.

66 yo female, 3 months following Partial Knee Replacement

Hi David can I say once again how grateful I am to you for pinpointing what needed to be done and restoring my mobility to me so swiftly if not exactly painlessly. I am just thrilled to be beginning to get around again as I always used to and I shall be forever grateful to you and your wonderful skill for getting me back on track. Thank you so much.

Mr MH, Dislocating Kneecap Reconstruction

We wanted to write and say another thank you for the reconstructive MPFL surgery that you performed on our son last last year at Bishopswood.

After many months working with physio he was back to full contact rugby at the beginning of September when he was also asked to Captain the 1XV side. It was an eventful and at times frustrating season for them all, but his confidence in his repaired knee and his leadership skills continued to develop and the highlight of the season was the ‘Perfect Game’ under the lights winning 53-19.

In December he was put through to Regional selection for the Independent Schools and was selected for the National Squad .He was also asked if he would consider Captaining this National side for the season, which he was of course honoured to accept.

These opportunities are coming his way because he has been able to play without his knee dislocating – though it took a while for his head to trust his knee!!

Thank you for your surgical skills to help him get on this path – wherever it may lead and for the experiences he will have playing the UK sides and Touring Canada in a few weeks.

Mr DC, Bilateral Simultaneous Knee replacements, 2015

Dear David,

It is nine months since my Bilateral Total knee replacement. I was pleased that you agreed to operate and replace both my knee joints at the same time. I was amazed that I was only in the operating theatre for 1 hour 50 minutes. Prior to my operation you had informed me that the first day after the operation would be difficult – it was! Ample regular medication was provided by the excellent Bishops Wood hospital staff ensured that I experienced no unbearable post operation pain, uncomfortable best describes how I felt which was what I had expected. During the first week I gradually reduced the medication. I was not in any pain after the first week. For a few weeks it was uncomfortable especially during the nights sleeping on my back.

David I will always be grateful for your expertise, experience and skill using modern technology. You have truly given this 67year old a new lease of life.

I now have no pain whatsoever in my knees. I am able to kneel, walk and play 18 holes of golf, take long cycle rides and dig the garden. None of which I was able to enjoy prior to my operation.

Thank you David

Mrs EE, Bilateral Knee Replacements

Dear Dr Houlihan-Burne,

Today my new knees are 6 months old. I want to thank all of you for the gift of renewed mobility!

I am back in the US now, and enjoying golf, dog walking and training my dressage horse 5 days a week. Many thanks for adapting my physio to water, as I have joined a fantastic natatorium and rediscovered the joy of swimming!

In a few weeks, we will celebrate Thanksgiving here in the U.S. This year I give particular thanks for the care I received in the UK from Dr Houlihan-Burne and his colleagues, and the lovely folks at Apex Physio.

A very happy holiday season to all of you and your families.

Mr PS, Tennis Professional, Total Knee Replacement

Dear David,

I cannot thank you enough for your care and attention and everything you have done for me. You have gone well and truly above. I am now able to walk tall again, walk with confidence, walk properly and have a straight leg.

The new knee you have given me enables me to continue with my love of tennis for many more years. Yourself and Bridget have been amazing. I have been one lucky guy to have such expertise.

People are amazed at my progress knowing how bad I was.

Mrs PG, Bilateral Knee Replacements

After successful partial knee replacement of my left knee under Mr. Houlihan Burne, I decided to have my right partial knee replaced as well under his care. I am very pleased to note that the operation and the recovery went like a charm and Mr. HB was extremely polite, helpful and professional in his surgery with excellent bed side manners. He was keeping an eye on my over the weekend as well and i am grateful for all he has done

Mr WW, Hip Replacement and Bilateral Knee Replacements

Dear Mr Houlihan-Burne,

Today I attended the Joint Replacement clinic it being two years on from when you carried out partial knee replacement on both my knees. To say that the knees, and indeed the hip re-surfacing you did in 2007, have been successful is, if anything, an understatement. The surgery has massively enhanced my quality of life. In fact I said to the senior physiotherapist who saw me today, that I am just hugely grateful that your path and my path crossed! I would like you to know how lucky I consider myself to have been to have had you to do major surgical work which has enabled me to carry on with life much as I always have done despite advancing years.

Mr RG, Keyhole Knee Surgery

Hi David,

Just an update on my knee, which you did an arthroscopy on at the end of February. I’ve just completed a cycle trip all the way round Spain with no problems at all. Nearly 2000 miles and 88000 feet of climbing (that’s almost 3 Everests!) Thanks again for all your help.

Ms LG, Patella (kneecap) Stabilisation Surgery for Dislocating Kneecap

I wanted to let you know that my daughter just phoned me from her school sports day to tell me that she came 4th (nearly 3rd!) in the 800m! You did an MPFL operation on her on April 22nd this year.

It’s amazing – She was over the moon – thank you so much!

She’s also changed one of her GCSE options from Further Maths to PE with a view to focusing on sports science and rehabilitation along with her triple science option.Thank you so much

Mr CP, Knee Replacement Surgery

Dear David, I don’t think I thanked you for having successfully operated on my knee and I realised this yesterday when I played tennis for the first time for 4 years. I really am so grateful.

Mr MT, Arthroscopic Cartilage Surgery

Dear Dr Burne,

Just to update you about my Knee. I am doing very well with it and have no pain what so ever. Was on the course four times over Easter and did not have any problems. Thank you for a great job done.

Knee cartilage surgery results

Mr OR, Knee Cartilage Surgery

Just a short note David to say that I have achieved my goal of running a full distance race again (pic attached). The knee is entirely solid now, I even ran a PB ! The other go

al was to ski again without a knee brace which I did earlier this year.

I started running (properly) about 8 months after the op so about 12 months of training under the belt to get to where I am now and I feel fit as I ever have.

MR AH , Open and Arthroscopic Repair to Torn Cartilage

Two years ago, you operated on my son, and you repaired an extremely torn cartilage in his right knee. And I just wanted to write to give you some good news.

He is playing/coaching hockey over 5 days per week and is cycling miles and miles.

He has no trouble at all with his knee. I don’t think he even thinks about the injury any more. He is currently fitter than he has ever been before.

Many, many thanks for doing such a good job.

Mrs TR, 83yo, Total Knee Replacement

In 2013 I was 83 years of age and knee surgery was definitely not on my agenda. However I had been enduring a great deal of pain for quite a while and I finally decided to have a knee replacement and I am delighted with the result. Everything went smoothly and my worst fears about the operation and the consequent pain were entirely unfounded. So it was in February of this year I had my second knee replacement which also went very well and I am now mobile once again. My grateful thanks to Mr HB for giving me back an active life without pain !

19 yo, Cartilage Surgery

Dear David,

Earlier today I completed the London south tough mudder in a time of just under 3 hours. I just wanted to take that opportunity to say thank you for repairing my knee so well that it caused me no problems at all today which will probably be the most gruelling event I ever do.

I honestly couldn’t thank you more, and just thought you would like to know that I completed it and you were right.

I had no trouble with it!

Mr BP, Knee Injury

Hi Mr Houlihan-Burne

Just wanted to say thank you for your part in helping me get playing football as quickly as possible, I really appreciate the fact that you saw me so quick and were able to point out the problem and offer advice and guidance on what to do next.

I’ve been back playing for about a month now and have had a few games for the college as well as training. My fitness isn’t quite where it was yet but the main thing for me is that there are no problems regarding my knee – thanks to you !

15 yo Rugby Player, Patella Stabilisation Surgery

Since it’s the beginning of the new rugby season, I thought I would give you a quick update on my progress.

After we last spoke, I started personal training and strength and conditioning sessions at College and was ready to commence pre-season training in July. Last week I played for college in the pre-season tournament and yesterday was training with the County U18s squad again. I am also off to Cardiff on Friday for a tour with his club.

I’m delighted to report that I haven’t had any problems with my knee. I certainly hope this continues to be the case and that I enjoy an injury free season / career from now on.

Once again, thanks for all your help.

Knee Replacement Surgery

I felt that I had to send you a quick email to let you know that, this morning, I managed to climb a fair section of The Great Wall of China! I confess that it was challenging only 11 weeks after my knee surgery but I am so pleased that I did it. It was VERY steep in places and very crowded but magnificent with fantastic views. I certainly could not have done it pre surgery.

With many thanks for making it all possible and very best wishes.

Great Britain Pole Vaulter, ACL Reconstructive Surgery

We wanted to write to say how incredibly grateful we are to you for the fantastic level of care you have provided over the last seven months. From the very first appointment in February through to her discharge last month we have felt in very safe hands and we really cannot thank you enough for putting our injured daughter back together so carefully.

As I am sure you have picked up from our meetings, sport is everything to her and the thought that she may never have been able to participate in athletics again was very distressing for us all. She still has a way to go before she is back to a competitive level in her sport but watching Asha Phillip run the first leg of the 100m relay at the European athletics has made her believe that it is possible to get back.

Thank you once again for looking after her so exceptionally well.

Mrs CL, Arthroscopy Knee

Dear Mr Houlihan-Burne

Just to let you know my knee is feeling great and as you rightly said I will feel an ache occasionally in the said knee. I have just returned from mountain trail trekking in the snow covering 7km a day with a graduation height of 200m and no problem at all with the knee. ( built quads up before left!) delighted with the outcome of my operation, so far so good. Thank you for your diagnosis and your expertise. I haven’t been this mobile with my outdoor activities for quite a while and it feels good.

Mstr RT, ACL Reconstruction

I just wanted to thank you very much for everything you have done for. He is now back training and doing everything except tackling/full contact. I assume that is the ACL graft becoming accustomed to the load involved in kicking a ball. He is still having physio and will play again in Jan.

All the best and thanks once again for a great job.

Mr BC, Posterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction using a LARS ligament

I had a PCL reconstruction a few yeas back. Everything is good and I wanted to let you know what I’ve been up to since you operated on me. every year since , I have walked up Snowden in the snow (this years’ conditions were particularly treacherous). I spend a week walking in the highland peaks of England, usually doing the two highest in 24 hours. I could not have done this before the operation,. Thank you so much.

Mrs HH, Total Knee Replacement

I do want to thank you for the excellent job you did in replacing my right knee, which is now completely pain free and has given me a new lease of life even at 90 years if age !

Mstr NL, 16 yo, Cartilage Repair

Great Britain junior Cricketer underwent repair of complete bucket handle tear of knee cartilage. Played successfully on GB Maccabiah tour 10 weeks after surgery. Pics from the final. NL hitting a six and going on to make 62

You may remember that I saw you in March for a second opinion on a knee problem. The issue was a torn cartilage which you said may heal without the necessity for surgery.

I am writing to thank you for your advice and to tell you that I am now pain free in the left knee. Initially, after seeing you, there were times when I could feel the occasional resistance in the knee and was very tentative thinking that it may go again. However these occasions gradually became less frequent and I have been pain free for some time.

I am able to do a lot of road cycling in this fine weather ( my passion ) and have also performed non weight bearing gym work. I feel so much more confidence now with the knee when I am walking. Thank you for seeing me and giving me your advice, I am so glad that there has not been a need to perform an arthroscopy.

Once again thank you very much for your help.

Cartilage repair on young cricketer

Mrs JF, Partial Knee Replacement

I want to say a huge thank you to Mr Houlian-Burne; 10 months ago I had a half knee replacement, the procedure gave me my quality of life back. I have just completed the Race for life, something I thought I wouldn’t be able to participate in again. I feel so lucky and grateful to have been referred to such a great surgeon.

Ms LM, Knee Cartilage Repair

I really wanted to say thank you so much for seeing me and also of course, for allowing me to play. Knee isn’t sore at all today so got a double session booked tonight; its gonna be so nice having some competitiveness back in my life; (no more trying to catch up 70 year old men in the swimming lanes next to me anymore who are a length in front, just for something to do!)

I have attached a picture of [our] achievements since you operated on me, not trying to be conceited, as I was saying yesterday its all credit to you and I am so grateful. I thank you silently each time I play, slightly louder when I’ve just kicked butt.

Knee cartilage repair on squash player

Mr HL, Knee Replacement

My right knee could not be better and it has transformed my life. I am indebted to your skills and professionalism in carrying out the knee replacement . I get a bend angle of 165 degrees and as I mentioned previously, my osteopath says it’s the best result he has so far encountered, especially in view of my age.

Mr IC, ACL Reconstruction

Thank you is not good enough a phrase to express how I feel about you sorting out my ACL today, I was treated amazingly well by you sir and the staff.

Mr MP, Bilateral Knee Replacements

I just wanted to drop you a line and say thank you for carrying out the operations on my knees.

I have to admit that I was a little worried about having two new half knees at the same time but you and all the staff were tremendous with me and gave me the confidence to go through with it.

It is now exactly three months since the operation and I am so pleased that I had it done. I can ride my bike in the mornings before work and get round the six mile circuit with no problem and last week walked from Marble Arch to Covent Garden with no pain; something that would have been inconceivable before the operation.

I am especially grateful to you as you may recall I live near XXXXX and the local hospitals at XXXXXX would not consider doing what you have done. You took the time and trouble to see me and from first to last the time taken was only three months.

I must also mention the physio team who were incredibly helpful and motivational and encouraged me to get on with those exercises.

Once again, many thanks from not only myself but also my wife as we can now get out and do things together again; which to a large extent was the whole point.

Ms OO, Knee Arthroscopy

We are absolutely delighted she doesn’t have any pain and is now back fully into her sports and hasn’t even had so much as a twinge. She put it to the real test last week and ran a cross country and again no problems.

So thank you very much and I’m pleased to say that we will no longer need your assistance – in the nicest possible way!

Mr JB, ACL Reconstruction

Just a quick note to let you know that the knee is performing extremely well. I have already completed two half marathons (one trail and a road race where I set a PB) and been surfing, wakeboarding and windsurfing. Confidence in the knee keeps building (although I haven’t gone on a squash court yet) which is great. I’m taking good care of my knee but still pushing it to keep getting stronger.Snowboarding next March and a 50 miler in July are the next targets.

Massive thanks again for helping me negotiate the various processes, etc and obviously for the actual reconstruction of my ACL. Your time and skills have got me out making the most of school nights and weekends again – much appreciated.

Mrs BP, Partial Knee Replacement

Our very many thanks for your excellent work on the knee replacement. Your kindness, your expertise and the outcome are all greatly appreciated.

Ms LN, Knee Arthroscopy and Microfracture

I just wanted to say thank you so much for sorting my knee out for me last May. I was gutted to have damaged the cartilage at the end of my first season back ski racing after a knee reconstruction. Thanks to the brilliant job you did I was able to ski again last winter and will be back racing this coming season. Over the summer I have also discovered a new passion for mountain biking, and have been riding every weekend with pretty much no pain at all in my knee. Amazing considering the punishment I put it through on the downhill tracks, and the number of times I crash! I didn’t even give my knee a thought when I competed in my first downhill mountain bike race a couple of weeks ago, so thanks for making it feel 100% again.

I’d also like to say how much I appreciate all the support you gave me before and after the operation. Thanks for answering the hundreds of questions that I had, and for putting my mind at rest whenever I was needlessly worrying about things not feeling right. It was also fantastic to see a consultant who completely understood the sport that I compete in and my desire (and impatience) to get back to training again as soon as possible.

Race results:


South-eastern downhill mountain bike championships – 4th female

International Ski Federation Masters Cup race – Fuegen, Austria – 2nd in age group & 7th overall
English alpine ski champion in masters category – slalom and giant slalom

International Ski Federation Masters Cup race – Kaunertal, Austria – 2nd in age group & 10th overall

Knee arthroscopy and microfracture repair on mountain biker

Mr RK, Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction and Cartilage Surgery

I just wanted to drop you a quick email to say thank you.

After some tentative 5 a-side games and a few run outs during pre season, last Saturday saw the 1st game of the season for my team and I – much to my relief- managed to complete the whole 90 minutes without any problems. My knee felt great and I completely forgot about it after a while. After a long and at times very frustrating year out it felt amazing to be back playing football competitively again. So I just wanted to say a massive thank you to you and everyone at Bishopswood for their hard work in helping my recovery, it is greatly appreciated.

Here’s hoping for an injury free season

Ms SN, Knee Ligament and Cartilage Surgery

Just a quick email to say thank you very much for the surgery you conducted on my knee. Since the surgery i have worked hard on rehab alongside the great work of the physios and have returned to pre season training and looking forward to the season ahead. I just wanted to pass on my gratefullness and would recommend you highly to anyone.

Mrs RP, Knee Replacement Surgery

I am 63 and had gradually become less and less active because of a painful arthritic knee. After unsuccessful steroid and gel injections from local surgeons I decided to make the long trip around the M25 for an appointment with Mr H.B. He came highly recommended by a friend who had received very successful total knee replacements from him. On my first appointment I was delighted to be told that I was a candidate for an Oxford unicompartmental knee replacement and I went ahead with the op. at the end of February this year. I was given a spinal block and decided not to have the sedative I was offered which was absolutely fine. A few hours after the op I was up on my feet and walked to the bathroom with the aid of a frame. The next day I was taken up and down a flight of stairs and on the third day I returned home with the use of crutches. When I returned for my two week check-up I could walk easily without crutches, but used one when out as a warning to others. When I asked Mr H.B when I could drive again he said that after another week I could try an emergency stop in a very quiet car park and that if I could manage that I would be ok to drive. After three weeks I was driving which was wonderful! There were times in the first few weeks when I was uncomfortable at night, often because I had overdone things, but this soon passed and it was oh so worth it! It is now four months since my knee replacement and most of the time I forget that I have it. Since the op I have taken holidays in Madeira and Cornwall, both of which are very hilly, but that didn’t stop me enjoying many delightful walks of three or four miles. Pre-op I would not have even considered attempting such walks. Occasionally, I can feel that I have overdone things like carrying a two year old grandson upstairs or twisting awkwardly while gardening and then it may ache just a little at night, but not enough to keep me awake and by the next day all is well again and I’m ready for another full day.

To anyone who is considering a knee replacement I would thoroughly recommend being guided by Mr H.B. My new knee has been life changing. I am no longer woken up at night with pain, I can shop for as long as I wish, instead of having to do on-line shopping all the time and I can join friends and family for walks again. Thank you Mr H.B for making such a difference to my life!

Mrs SH, Total Knee Replacement for Post-Traumatic Arthritis

“I have used David for two operations to my left knee and have had superb results with my knee replacement, the latest operation, thank you. I have far more movement and far less pain than with my old arthritic knee, I’m not pain free yet, but working on it, but the results have been fab and I didn’t expect the recovery to be as good or as quick as it has been.

Mr PP, Bilateral Simultaneous Knee Replacements

I had a bilateral knee operation performed by Mr. H-B, as he is known, in August 2009. First, I was amazed that he was willing to do both knees at the same time. Secondly, I was equally amazed that he performed the operations using an epidural rather than a general anaesthetic. It all went brilliantly, so much so that the most uncomfortable part of the recuperation was the catheter! Mr. H-B and his anaesthetist could not have been kinder. Mr. H-B, indeed, visited me EVERY day during my week at Bishopswood. What a brilliant and caring surgeon. When, in September, 2011, I had to have a hip replacement operation I did not consider any other surgeon. Again he performed the operation with an epidural rather than a general, which allows you to recover from the actual operation much more quickly. Again, he visited me every day during my, this time, only four days in hospital. I have fully recovered . My knees and right hip are fine.I suppose one day he will have to operate on my left hip! I only wish he also “did” backs!

Mr BR, Total Knee Replacement

Dear Mr Houlihan-Burne, I don’t expect you to remember me but I am a former patient of yours and you carried out a full (R) knee replacement at Mount Vernon Hospital some years ago. It was a little more complicated than normal as I did not have a patella in the knee you replaced. However the good news is that in my mind it has been a fantastic success. I am still playing golf and lead a fairly active life now thanks to you and your team. I have decided to challenge myself on behalf of Help for Heroes to climb Mount Snowdon . I would like to thank you for giving me opportunity to regain my active life and being able to attempt this fundraising event.

Mr AH, ACL Reconstruction

Back in July when I last saw you, you said to contact you in six months time to update on my progress.I can’t believe it’s been a year since the op. Thankfully, I think the op was a complete success and in the last few weeks have felt myself getting back to my best when playing football. After matches, the recovery time is getting shorter and shorter

Thank you so much for your help, you always made me feel comfortable and were patient with my queries. You are a superb professional. But I’m sure you will forgive me for hoping I never have to see you again 😉

Thanks again. Have a fantastic xmas and new year.

Mr HL, Signature Personalised Total Knee Replacement

Dear Mr Houlihan-Burne

On Sunday last, I walked around one of our local lakes, albeit on crutches and covered nearly one mile, without discomfort. This is a feat that I have not been able to achieve for some time without acute pain.

On Monday, 20 days after the operation, I achieved a complete leg bend. My osteopath was not only delighted, but also amazed, as he had never before experienced a patient achieving this degree of motion in such a short period of time. He estimated the bend angle to be just under 165º.

I see this as a fitting tribute to a fine surgeon and to the team at Bishops Wood.

Mr PF, Knee Replacement

Due to a number of complicating factors, I had been waiting almost a year for a knee operation when I first saw Mr Houlihan-Burne. I was in considerable pain and depression and doubted whether, in my late seventies, I would ever regain my fitness. However, he took on board both my mental and physical state, treating me as a person and not just a medical condition. His optimism was well founded and his skill and care have resulted in a full and rapid recovery. I cannot thank him enough for having given me my life back.

Mr PH, Knee Replacement

It is a year almost to the day since my ‘op’ and I thought it a good moment to let you know that, after a few aches and pains before Christmas, I have now virtually forgotten that I ever had the problem. Jemima and I decided at Christmas time that we needed to take more care of ourselves so gave each other membership of Champneys. We visit three sometimes four times a week and I still do my hydrotherapy exercises. So, very many thanks and our very best wishes. Trust all well with you, I guess our economic problems have not diminished the number of dodgy knees! If you can assist with eyesight, hair loss, deafness, or an inability to score runs please let me know.

Mr MW, Bilateral Simultaneous Signature Personalised Knee Replacements

I have been deliberating over having both of my knee joints replaced for over 10 years. The information and new technology that Mr Houlihan-Burne discussed with me at the consultation was sufficient for me to make a sound decision and to proceed with the operation.

Six weeks prior to the operation I returned to the gym to build up my legs and upper body muscles which I knew would be advantageous during the recovery period. The operation went well, with the right knee (the worst knee) taking longer than expected. Within three hours of the operation the physios were chomping at the bit to get me up! I only managed to stand and not walk on the day of the op. The following morning I was able to walk about 30 meters with the aid of crutches. Within 48 hours of the operation I was walking freely around the hospital and grounds and up and down stairs with the aid of crutches. I was discharged after 72 hours of the operation, I used the crutches for a couple of days and have not looked back since.

Was it the right decision to have both knee joints replaced at 53 years of age? – absolutely. I would certainly recommend having knee replacements sooner rather than later when you are physically fit enough to cope with the recovery. Once again, thank you very much for your professionalism and commitment to getting me pain free and mobile again.

Mr PH, Knee Replacement Surgery

It is a year almost to the day since my ‘op’ and I thought it a good moment to let you know that, after a few aches and pains before Christmas, I have now virtually forgotten that I ever had the problem. We decided at Christmas time that we needed to take more care of ourselves so gave each other membership of Champneys. We visit three sometimes four times a week and I still do my hydrotherapy exercises.

So, very many thanks and our very best wishes.

Mr MS, Bilateral Simultaneous Knee Replacements

Just what I kneeded

Choose your surgeon, get a full diagnosis and only opt for surgery as a last resort. That’s the good advise I was given but I won’t bore you with the history. Suffice to say it all began to gel about a year ago at my first consultation with Mr.David Houlihan-Burne, a Consultant Orthopaedic Knee & Sports Injury Surgeon I’d got to hear about through friends and acquaintances in similar circumstances.

David’s diagnosis was essentially severe osteoarthritis in both knees largely due to the erosion of cartilage in the inside medial meniscus. His remedy was a partial knee replacement for both knees along with some tweaking of ligaments to correct my bow legs – my gait had got really bad. Together, it would make me half an inch taller!

I was immediately put at ease with David’s explanation. His website was also very helpful for those like me with an enquiring mind. That said, I do appreciate not everyone would wish to study the procedure in detail let alone be wide awake throughout ! In this regard I am eternally grateful to my anaesthetist Dr. Michele Stevens for explaining the pros and cons of the various anaesthetics. I’m so glad I opted for a spinal and witness what turned out to be quite a unique life experience. It felt a bit surreal at times but I wouldn’t have missed it for the world.

It took David and his team just 75 minutes to complete the procedure on both knees. It was a bit like being in a very busy and quite noisy workshop at times so no doubt others might choose to sleep through the procedure or maybe listen to loud music ! In no time at all I was back in the ward under the attentive care of Bishops Wood nursing / physio staff. Later that afternoon I managed my first few tentative steps under supervision and really haven’t looked back since.

Three weeks on and I’m making progress daily. The scars are healing well and most of the swelling / bruising has gone. I’ve even reduced my daily dosage of Paracetamol and Tramadol by about half. I’m walking quite freely though I do get tired and still use the crutches to cover any distance. Ascending stairs is nearly normal but descending still demands the more deliberate steps I was taught. I’ve had my first cycle ride but I’m not looking to join in the endurance trials some of my younger friends compete in. It will just be nice to take my girl out for a walk once again !

My thanks to David and all the team at BW for rejuvenating me, much appreciated.

Mr RE, Keyhole Knee Surgery (Arthroscopy)

I would finally like to give you my sincere thanks for your operating on me. The whole procedure through admission, care, physio instruction was very efficient. After the operation I had no real need for painkillers, relatively good flexibility was achieved after a few days and my wife (an ex nurse and theatre sister) was very pleased with my condition post surgery.

My physio hass described me as “two weeks ahead of expectations.” I am doing my physio religiously and feel really positive about it.

So thank you once more for your expertise.

Mrs PG, Knee Replacement Surgery

About 1 1/2 years ago, Mr Houlihan-Burne performed an arthroscopy on my right knee. I felt so well after that, that I decided he should be the one to do my left knee replacement.

I was right in my judgement as the operation went very smoothly, and the post operative recovery has been excellent. All throughout, Mr Houlihan-Burne has been extremely kind, professional and easy to talk to and he has explained all the procedures in detail. I, being a GPs wife, was aware of all the complications, but he put my mind at rest. Fortunately, none of these complications arose. Cheers!

Mrs JC, Total Knee Replacement

I first encountered Mr Houlihan-Burne at a lecture at Mount Vernon Hospital where I was very impressed with his enthusiasm on the latest procedures available for partial and total knee replacements. So this was the reason that I elected to use him for my TKR.

His explanations at every stage were positive and I felt exactly the same and looked forward to a successful outcome, after all it had to be better than my previous condition! I had the opportunity to stay awake during the operation – all tastefully done – and a few weeks later I was clambering around Dover Castle viewing the newly refurbished medieval tower which would have been impossible before without painkillers.

Mr FP, aged 13, Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction and Knee Cartilage Repair Surgery

Hello Mr HB!

I thought I would write to you once I was back playing rugby again, and I’ve played my first few games of the season now. I would like to say thank you for the fantastic work you’ve done with my knee and me; Physically and mentally! I was really worried about my return to sport as I’m sure you can imagine, but thanks to you and your team, faith was restored within me. Things are going fantastically well and I’ve had no physical problems with the knee since. It was hard work however you prepared me well for it, so thank you once again.

Rugby is the thing I’m certain I want to pursue as a career and without you and the physio’s it would have been impossible. I am unthinkably grateful for everything you’ve done.

From another one of your success stories!

Ms DL, Bilateral Simultaneous Knee Replacements

Just a quick note – thanks ever so much for your sponsorship – the bike ride was actually 47 miles – and I did it under 5 hours – knees were fantastic – so thank you – on for the next challenge, this will hopefully be inspirational for your next patient – as this was at exactly 6 months !!!

Ms MW, Surgery for Dislocating Kneecap

Thank you for making my knee better. Still on crutches but back at school. Going to my Prom on Thursday. I had my operation just 4 weeks ago ! Knee feels really good with no problems. Thank you again.

Mr SP, Bilateral Simultaneous Knee Replacements

Six months ago I had bilateral knee replacement surgery and now I am playing 18 holes of golf and fully walking the course.

I had a six-day stay in hospital. The day following my operation I was helped out of bed by the physios and did some gentle stretching. Although painful, I was rewarded by more movement in my knees, and a nice shower! In the following days the physios increased the exercises, eventually allowing me to go up and down a flight of stairs.

I was given a set of exercises to increase knee bend and build up muscles. After one week I was able to use an exercise bike! This proved to be very beneficial. I still use the bike every day and feel that this has been the best possible therapy.

I would recommend the bilateral route, one operation, one period of rehab, and now 6 months later there is no second operation looming!

Mr CG, Golf Professional, Knee Replacement Surgery

Just wanted to say how grateful I am to you and your team for the recent partial knee surgery.

As you know I arrived back from skiing on the Sunday, in Hospital on the Tuesday, out of Hospital on the Thursday and back on my bike on the Saturday, not bad going as when I arrived in Hospital I could hardly Walk.

As the Golf Pro from West Herts G.C. I am well into my season with coaching and playing and have really benefited from the knee surgery, and this is the first time for three years that I feel like playing some competitive Golf.

Mr AK, Partial Knee Replacement

I am delighted to have the opportunity to express my thanks and appreciation for all you and the staff at Bishopswood have done with regard to the above.

Using crutches I was on my feet from day one. I could have gone home after two nights, but as I live alone I opted to stay for a third night as a precaution.

I found I could walk home using a cane and left the crutches behind at Bishopswood

As a result, when I saw you on Tuesday, two weeks after the operation, I had progressed beyond my greatest expectations. You gave me clearance to drive as soon as I felt confident to emergency stop. I began driving locally on the third week. No trouble!

It is still less than four weeks and although the knee aches at night it is steadily becoming more flexible and even though I am in my 87th year, I hope to be back on the golf course before this summer is out.

I cannot thank you enough for the skill and attention I have received under your care.

Mr RC, Bilateral Simultaneous Knee Replacements

…rejoicing in the Lake District fells once more because he has two new and wonderful knees courtesy of Mr Houlihan-Burne.

Reg scrambled over the rocks like a mountain goat.

Once again – our heartfelt thanks for a job so well done.

Mr RE, Bilateral Simultaneous Knee Replacements

I had suffered with knee pain for years due to Arthritis and a few years ago I had arthroscopies on both knees. This really only eased the pain in my left knee but caused considerable problems with my right knee. I found walking difficult and painful but was reluctant to undergo further treatment. Then Mr Houlihan-Burne was recommended to me by two separate acquaintances and I decided to make an appointment. It was one of the best decisions I have made!

Right from the very beginning I felt I was in safe, capable hands. Mr Houlihan-Burne made me feel at ease and when he advised me to have two new half-knees I had every faith in his advice and decided to go ahead. I’m so glad I did!

The operation in January 2010 went very smoothly. I had both half knees fitted at the same time and I was able to put weight on my knees the next day. Since then my recovery has been remarkable. I was back to work after eight weeks and it could have been sooner if my job was less physical.

I am now walking longer distances, sleeping better and most of all I am now pain free. I would have no hesitation in recommending Mr Houlihan-Burne and, in fact, have already done so. I cannot thank him enough!

Mr DC, Knee Replacement Surgery

Today marked the second anniversary of the day you changed both my knees and I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for revitalising my life. The first most noticeable effect was that I was able to carry shopping etc with no pain.

You told me I would be back on my bike “perhaps in twelve months”. You were almost right. I had to get a slightly different cycle but was riding it fifteen months later.

I am pleased to say physically I am in better shape than almost anyone I know of my age.

Thank you, keep you the good work.

Mrs WA, Knee Replacement Surgery

I would like to say a great big thank you for my new knees. My life is so different now. I am able to do things I have not done for years. To be rid of the pain and walk again and do all my housework, gardening etc, unaided, is wonderful.

I also appreciate all the care and kindness shown to me by everyone while undergoing my treatment.

Mrs JP, Knee Replacement Surgery

I have just returned from holiday in France. The sun was shining – the snow was perfect – the slopes called and I skied.

My intention was only to ski blue runs, but by mistake my husband and I found ourselves on a red run and I had to continue – moguls and slushes – and I managed.

Thank you for making this possible; the knee coped well. The family and I were delighted. Thank you again.

Michael, England Karate

Following your treatment of Michael’s knee He has now been selected into the England Karate Squad for the next two years. With your help he has made a full recovery, narrowly missing his 1st England place for the World Championships this November. Now firmly classified as 2nd in the country he is competing in Europe regularly. Many thanks for all you help in making Mikes dream come true

Tom, Wakeboarder

I was extremely pleased with the work that was done, the surgeons were very friendly and I was made very comfortable at all times. The treatment has restored me to full fitness and I am able to ride again with full confidence, enabling me to take my wakeboarding to new heights. I am very grateful for the help I was given to get me back on track’

Mrs B Cook, Bilateral Simultaneous Knee Replacements

Now that six months have passed since you operated on both my knees, I would like to thank you most sincerely not only for the very successful joint implants but also for giving me such good advice at the time on the options facing me. I did find it difficult then to decide between having one or two knees done. I now appreciate that there is a very considerable amount of effort subsequently needed to rebuild new knees into fully operating joints and I am now reaping the benefits from the exercise regime which I have carried out on your specific advice. I am also now very glad to have both knees complete rather than be contemplating facing a repetition of the process !

Mr S Murphy, ACL Reconstruction

I thought I’d let you know I’ve just signed up for the London Triathlon next year! I’ve really been putting in the gym sessions and my knee feels great. The muscle definition is good, and getting better all the time with the swimming, cycling and the gym, and as I’ve just put my name down for the London triathlon, I thought it would be a good time to say thank you.

I’m back playing some six-a-side football, running, cycling and swimming and I couldn’t have hoped for my knee to feel any better.

Many thanks again.

Robert Briggs, Triathlete

As a runner and occasional triathlete it was almost inevitable that after 30 years of regular training and competition something was going give! My excellent physio, Alex Drummond (Drummond Clinic & Sportsfeet UK, Maidenhead), had treated my lower back problems and managed to keep me on my feet for the past 8 years, but when my right knee became swollen and painful in 2007 Alex quite correctly decided that expert help was needed and facilitated an introduction to David Houlihan-Burne.

As an athlete my relief on meeting David for the first time was palpable: here was young guy with an acute interest in sport himself, as an age-group triathlete of some notoriety, who was clearly sympathetic to my circumstances. No sharp intake of breath, or “don’t you think at your age it’s time to hang up your spikes” from this guy.

An MRI scan and X-rays were promptly booked revealing damage to the medial meniscus, but an otherwise healthy knee. Day surgery was subsequently booked and performed by David and I was able to walk out of Bishopswood under my own steam. 10 days later I was running again!

Unfortunately a year on I suffered a further setback experiencing similar, but slightly different symptoms, which I struggled to ignore and finally gave in to a further consultation with David. This time it was wear and tear to the cartilage covering the femur (just like Freddie Flintoff), the solution being the relatively new procedure of “micro-fracture”. 6 weeks on crutches and 12 before I could run again, however, which felt like an eternity. Despite my advanced age, David was confident that I would follow the rehab programme to the letter and increase the odds of success, which were otherwise stacked against me.

8 months on, I have competed with considerable success throughout the summer of 2009 at sprint distance triathlon and I am now training 6 days a week (running and cycling) with no ill-effects.

There is no doubt that, thanks to David Houlihan-Burne, I have been able to train and compete at this level and whilst my track career is sadly over, I have reinvented myself as a triathlete and aim to keep going for as long I continue to enjoy it.

Robert Briggs aged 55
GB age-group Duathlete World Champs 1997 & 1999
GB age-group Triathlete World Champs 1998 & 2001
GB age-group 800 metre competitor World Masters’ Champs:
2005-semi-finalist outdoor
2006-finalist indoor & bronze medal UK Champs
Multiple Sprint Distance age-group triathlon winner 2009

Mr AF, Arthroscopic Knee Surgery

I just wanted to drop you a note to say a big thank you. I had my left knee op back in the summer. It is an incredible feeling and each time I go to take a step up or down some stairs and expect the knee to give, nothing happens and it is as strong as it ever was.

Thanks very much!