Robotic Knee Replacement Reviews

Mr David Houlihan-Burne is a European lecturer and teacher in the use of the MAKO technology for knee replacement surgery. Here are a selection of our most recent testimonials from patients that have undergone robotic-assisted knee replacements.

  • robotic knee replacement reviews

Robotic Knee Replacement Reviews

Mr David Houlihan-Burne is a European lecturer and teacher in the use of the MAKO technology for knee replacement surgery. Here are a selection of our most recent testimonials from patients that have undergone robotic-assisted knee replacements.

Robotic Knee Surgery Testimonials

77-year-old male, 3 months following partial knee replacement

I’m sure you are very busy but I hope not too busy to hear of another success. After pirouetting round your office, just two weeks after my op, I can now report, three months later, a truly wonderful result. The post-op discomfort has gone and I now walk without pain for the first time in at least a decade. Despite my age (I turn 78 next month), and with the help of five physio sessions and lots of exercising at home, I now feel terrific. Thank you SO very much.

67-year-old patient, both knees, Robot Assisted Partial Knee Replacements

Just a short note to thank you for performing my partial knee ops (Aug ’21 and May ’22). Pleased to say my new knees are doing brilliantly with no pain or problems. Am back doing all the desired activities, with cycling, walking and in the New Year have ski touring holidays booked. We have just returned from a very enjoyable 16 day trek in the Khumbu region of Nepal – pic below of going over Renjo Pass (ca 5,300m) which gave great views of Everest and surrounding peaks.

Successful robotic assisted partial knee replacement on both knees

74 year-old patient, Partial Knee Replacement

It is now six months since my half left knee replacement and I am delighted to say that things are going extremely well. I can now do up to about 3/4 of an hour’s walk per day without it getting sore and it is continuing to improve at a rapid rate. I am continuing with one lot of exercises per day which I think are helpful so many thanks indeed! Hopefully you are not considering early retirement because I have a feeling that I may have to consult you about the other knee in due course!

Bilateral simultaneous Robot Assisted Total Knee Replacement

Wow, one year ago today! Thought I would drop you a quick line to say things are going well. David I can’t thank you enough for doing both knees together as although tough, for me definitely much better than going through it all twice! I think my 14 year old dog hates you though with all the extra walkies. I am enjoying life without that awful bone on bone agony, and next month I go on my first “new knees” cruise so am looking forward to walking around the ship and ashore without having to think where to sit down or whether I can walk the distance. It will be the first cruise that I can do what I want to instead of having to do the things with little or no walking. I would say my gait is excellent and I don’t think people could tell I’ve had surgery – I can’t actually believe my body remembered how to walk normally. Thanks again to you.

One year following bilateral simultaneous Robot Assisted Knee Replacement

365 days have now passed since the bi-lateral Mako Robotic surgery was performed by you and on most of those days I have offered silent thanks to you for turning my life around. You told me it could be a game changer and you are so right. I have gone from a 69-year-old who was unable to participate in life to a reinvigorated 70-year-old who has recently returned from a three day golf trip and is at present walking about 10km a day whilst on a 6 day break in Essex and Suffolk.

More than that I have gone from someone who saw little future to a person with a whole set of new goals. And it isn’t just me who has benefitted. The effects have been positive for all of my family.

One of the biggest changes has been to the amount of flex I am able to achieve with my left leg and also the absence of back problems. You are a miracle worker. Thank you so much.

62 year-old, MAKO Partial Knee Replacement

So it’s a year ago that my new knee began its journey. Firstly, just a big thanks for persuading my insurance company to use the most modern tech. The outcome is totally fantastic. Really, I am back on the golf course, lost nearly 2 stone through walking and gym/cycling.

75 year-old male, underwent MAKO Partial Knee Replacement

You gave me a partial KR on 24/11. Today, aged 75, I walked over 7.5 miles without any adverse effects other than tiredness. This is much further than I’ve achieved for well over 5 years. My tennis is as good (or as bad!) as it was since before my operation. I’m very grateful.

56 year-old with complex osteoarthritis knee, 3 months following MAKO Robot Assisted Knee Replacement

Just a quick line to let you know I have just got back from my first post op-cycle ride (not counting training rides). 375 miles in 6 days so all going well. Thanks again for all your help.

62 year-old medical colleague who had a MAKO TKR under my care

I just wanted to put into writing a proper thank you for all your help and also all the excellent support from your team. The standard of care from everyone involved, from the nursing staff and anaesthetist to the admin team and ward staff, was faultless. And I am, of course, delighted with my new knee which gets better with every week that goes by and is merrily taking me distances that I haven’t managed for a couple of years. So a big thanks to you all for such exceptional work.

75 year-old lady, 5 months following MAKO Total Knee Replacement

Just finished two hours of tennis. It’s wonderful to be playing tennis again with my new knee! The op has been a great success – thank you so much.

80 year-old gentleman, Robot Assisted Partial Knee Replacement, February 2021

It’s the anniversary of my knee op. Will you please thank David for such a brilliant outcome. I could be a teenager again, it’s just perfect. I would have liked to have sent evidence of being on skis again but COVID has put paid to that. With very best wishes to all your team who I hope are all safe and well.

70 year-old female, MAKO Total Knee Replacement, July 2020 (4 months post-op update)

To update you, the operation was truly life changing, I have worked hard to make the best possible progress and I’m delighted that I am now able to do almost everything I want, it has probably been at least 15 years since I have been so mobile.

My physio is now telling all his patients that they must have the same operation and that he has never had anyone else make such and quick and full recovery. I think about you everyday as everyday I admire my ‘straight leg’ and I still can’t quite believe it!

70 year-old male, MAKO Total Knee Replacement, January 2020

It is now 9 months since you operated on my knee and I wanted to let you know what a success it has been. After being signed off by you during March, I did a 630 mile sponsored walk in aid of the primary school in the village in Scotland where I go fishing and last month I was able to visit for a week and fish in the hill lochs, each day walking between 8 and 12 miles up and down hills both on and off rough tracks. I have been able to reassure several people who have problems with their knees and are concerned about having surgery; my experience has been outstanding and it has quite literally changed my life.

64 year-old male, Simultaneous Bilateral MAKO Total Knee Replacements

As I approach the first year anniversary of my bilateral op, I am aware you asked for an update mid year.

I very happy to say my knees are terrific and have been for many months. I was due to play my first round of golf the weekend of the lockdown. I have been working with my personal trainer and my legs are in very good shape and I am walking pain free (18 holes, no problem at all), my golf swing had to be redesigned ( for various reasons, read redesigned as fixed) as you said my posture completely changed and I stand taller, sleeping pain free, able to stand pain free and I have not taken a single pain killer since I suspect March. I bought a new golf bag for the summer and when I changed over from the old bag I was shocked how many pain killers I had in the bag.

Your advice to do the two together was spot on and I have no regrets at all and the thoughts of doing the second one now would be awful.

So, in summary, so far terrific, it has been life changing and given me a real zest for life.

I am also very happy to talk with any patients you have who are concerned about doing two knees together any time.

Once again many thanks for your excellent advice skills and support.

76 year-old male, Bilateral Simultaneous MAKO Knee Replacements

A year ago today you performed a bilateral knee replacement at Cromwell Road Hospital. I know there is no formal ‘feedback’ system, but I thought I would report back.

The operation was as near to perfect as could reasonably be expected. I am old enough to realise that nothing will put you back to the way the almighty created but, even so, you got close.

When I came in, my principal trouble was just standing around. I would constantly be looking for somewhere to sit. That problem was entirely overcome after the initial recovery period. I quickly developed good flex in both knees,

I studiously did all of the physio exercises and started cycling as soon as I felt that any unplanned dismounting would not traumatise the knees. I have an electric assisted bike and, once we started lockdown, I have cycled 11 miles every day to ensure that we did not go backwards. I am sure that apart from excellent surgery, persistent exercise is the answer.

I wish you and your patients all the best – not forgetting the very good nursing I received at Cromwell Road.

80 year-old male, MAKO Total Knee Replacement

It is exactly one year ago today I had my ‘new knee’ fitted and I thought I’d like to say thank you for the operation because during that one year I’ve not had any problems what so ever and for an 80 year-old man I think that is remarkable..

I thought it would be a good idea to just update you on my progress would recommend the procedure to anyone with the problem I was experiencing.